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7th Heaven¬†was named by Blackcomb President Hugh Smythe after he figured out that the lift servicing it was Blackcomb’s seventh lift. “The 7th Heaven T-bar (which was built in 1985 and replaced in 1987 by the 7th Heaven Express) was the seventh lift built on Blackcomb, making 7th Heaven a really appropriate name that reflected the outstanding ski experience of that highest region of the mountain,” he said.

Hugh thought of the name because of an experience he’d had as a young man. He was skiing in Stevens Pass in Washington on a really dreadful day around 1964. The snow was terrible: “When it hit you it sort of knocked you over.” As he got to the top of the chairlift the lift operator came out of the shack, a bearded man with a deep voice, and said: “Welcome to seventh heaven.” Years later that lifty’s words came back to Smythe when naming the area.