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The Top of The World trail starts at 2182 m (7160 feet) with stunning panoramic views of jutting Black Tusk, the glaciated Coast Mountains and the shimmering lakes of the valley below. “Top of the World” trail presents two entrance options: “This way is hard,” the black-diamond trail signs seem to proclaim, ”and this way is harder.”

Top of the World trail opened in 2012, all 4,926 vertical feet back to the GLC patio.


The trail itself is a treat. A mix of totally unique alpine singletrack and double-wide ski-runs. Riding past snow banks, splashing through creeks and weaving through stunted-growth alpine trees is just as exhilarating as the views of the Whistler backcountry and Corrie Lake.

Top of the World is bouncy and fun with a few tight corners and rocky sections but no huge drops or sketchy bridges to navigate (my weaknesses). I didn’t fall but definitely had to put a foot down in spots. My cross country skills were up to the task although the 5 km continuous descent left my hands plenty tired by the bottom. It was almost hard to hold onto my margarita.